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As the final preparations are being made to welcome over 40,000 students back into our schools for the first day of school, we are filled with an excitement and anticipation for the many triumphs that we will celebrate during the 2017-2018 school year! Student achievement is often a beautiful result of the teamwork between a student, their parents, and our excellent staff. How will you help our students set, achieve, and celebrate their goals this year?

At the end of every school year, two very special awards are given out during each high school graduation ceremony in the Ottawa Catholic School Board. The Director of Education Graduate Award recognizes well-rounded students who have excelled in academics, school involvement and community service, and the Director of Education Award for Academic Perseverance is awarded to a student who has persevered through challenges to achieve success in their high school journey. The outstanding students who received these honours were featured in our Facebook album and featured in posts throughout the summer.

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