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Hundreds of OCSB student from Grades 4-6 who are involved in peacemaking or peer meditation at their schools recently attended the 23rd Annual Elementary Peace Festival. The goal of the conference is to challenge students to recognize the power they have to make their schools into communities where all students feel welcome. It is also a way to highlight and celebrate the many practices used to build and maintain safe schools.

At the event, students heard about the incredible work their peers around the OCSB are doing to make their communities better places: donating hair for wigs for cancer patients, lemonade stands to raise money for cancer, spending time with veterans, raising money door-to-door for a member of their community who has cancer, and so much more. They spent much of the rest of the day participating in fun cooperative games. The day is developed and run by the Leadership Program students at St. Joseph High School.

“The Peace Festival aims to create a community of Christian leaders. We strive to have our younger students inspired to help build a society where it is easier for people to be good, highlighting student-led acts of kindness, showcasing their talents and leadership.”


Luce Paradis

OCSB Principal, Event organizer

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