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St. Benedict School teacher Julian Daher and his Grade 4 FSL Immersion class recently won the Learning Partnership’s Entrepreneurial Adventure Program Judge’s Choice Award for their inspiring Tiny Terry Bracelet Business to support the Terry Fox Foundation. Their year-long business journey began with a simple question posed by a student: “Can kids make a difference in the world?”

The students began by exploring learning partnerships and environments, and connecting with national partners and Canadians across the country. To better understand how their money would be spent, they Skyped with Wendy Eric of the Terry Fox Foundation. They had countless questions, and learned much about the foundation and Osteosarcoma, the type of cancer that Terry had. After that, student teams pitched ideas about how to best raise money to support the foundation in the Raven’s Den, the school’s version of the Dragon’s Den. The winning idea was to design and sell silicone bracelets – and so was born the Grade 4 #TinyTerry Bracelet Business.

The next step was the Seed Money Bake Sale to raise the initial funds to order bracelets. They raised over $500 to pay for the bracelets they designed. Through Social Entrepreneurialism, students took on different jobs and roles in the venture. They were part of awareness committees, finance committees, advertising/marketing committees, communications committees, and project managing, all with the goal of promoting awareness and help for those suffering from cancer. They even received a $2000 grant from the Ministry of Education to further support the incredible work they were doing.

“Can kids make a difference in the world?”

Throughout the year, students innovatively and creatively dove deeper into that question and discovered the real meaning of citizenship and global change. Keeping in line with our Board’s spiritual theme, Sent to Be the Good News, students made real and meaningful connections to help make a difference in the world any way they could. In total, the class raised over $1500 for the Terry Fox Foundation, and they just received another $500 for their project for winning the Judge’s Choice Award. Safe to say, Mr. Daher’s Grade 4s proved that the answer to their original question is: yes.

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