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Three OCSB high schools were among the top 20 fundraisers in Ontario for the 2016 Terry Fox School Run. Holy Trinity Catholic High School, St. Pius X High School, and Immaculata High School went above and beyond to raise over $70,000 combined for cancer research. All of our schools raised a combined $180,689 last year, and our running total is $2,466,902. The dedication, enthusiasm, and selflessness shown by our school communities to support such a worthy cause is an inspiration for the entire OCSB family.

Before their run, Holy Trinity held an assembly where two speakers shared how cancer had affected their lives. It brought the whole school community together, and reminded them of the stakes involved. The run itself is always one of the highlight of the Holy Trinity school year. Students wear school colours, there’s food, music, dance numbers, lip sync battles, and much more. They raised the 3rd most money in Ontario, a total of $44,507.30.

St. Pius organizes a wide variety of events and fundraisers to get people in the spirit and encourage donations. They host a car wash, sell “Pius Potatoes” from the school garden, and have a day where students can pay a fee to miss part of their fourth period class to watch teachers play against students in a variety of sports. Their 2016 total was $16,223.53, earning 12th place in the province.

Immaculata has been taking part in the Terry Fox Run for 24 years. In that time, they’ve raised over $250,000 for cancer research. They incorporate homeroom challenges, staff initiatives, and give out prizes for top fundraisers. Primarily though, they just ask that each student donate $10, and it all adds up. Their run brought in $13,209.94, 19th most among Ontario high schools.

Over 4200 Ontario schools organized Terry Fox Runs last year, raising more than $6.7 million to fund cancer research. Almost 40 years after Terry took his first steps on a cross-country run that would captivate and inspire a nation, his legacy lives on at thousands of Canadian schools each year.

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