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Ali Witol, a student at St. Anne School, was recently among the OCSB students recognized at the annual Celebrating Excellence event. This annual event celebrates and recognizes one exceptional student from each of our schools. Students are chosen by their peers for exemplifying one or more of the gospel values: faith, hope, love, community, justice, dignity of persons, excellence, and stewardship of creation.

Ali demonstrates the gospel value of excellence on a daily basis in her school community. She strives to do her best for herself and for others, not just academically, but also in the yard, in clubs, and in her social interactions. She always has a ready smile, even when a task is difficult. She demonstrates a strong ability to persevere through any challenge, and always does so in a positive manner. The St. Anne and OCSB communities are very proud of Ali and her many accomplishments this year. Congratulations, Ali!

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