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Did you ever have a principal who motivated you to do your best? Who helped you before and after school with some needed extra help? Who was the very best sports coach ever?

Well now’s your chance to nominate your own child’s outstanding principal!

After a rushed start-up to a new school year, October is a fitting month to sit back, smell the roses, as they say, and celebrate outstanding principals from across Canada.

The Learning Partnership is asking people to recognize and nominate the leaders of their children’s school for Canada’s Most Outstanding Principal.

President and CEO of The Learning Partnership, Akela Peoples, likens principals as the “linchpins of their schools. They are educators, managers and leaders in their communities, and we recognize their indispensable contributions in building and leading teams of great teachers and positively impacting student achievement and success.”

We encourage all parents to share your stories online with photos, videos and tributes to principals who are making such a marked difference in your children’s lives by using the #OutstandingPrincipals hashtag.

You can also visit and submit your nomination for a principal who you feel deserves this special recognition.

Don’t be shy! But please hurry!

Nominations must be completed and submitted by midnight, October 31.


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