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French Immersion Pathway (JK-12)

Every OCSB school from JK to 12 offers French Immersion. This page provides an overview of our excellent French programming including hours of French instruction per grade. If you require more specific information about learning French at your neighbourhood school, we invite you to contact the school directly. 

A flexible pathway that keeps opportunities open

Although all of our French pathways encourage students to become proficient in the French language, our French Immersion pathway allows your child the most flexibility as they can change to Extended or Core French pathways easily. If your child hopes to enter the French Immersion program when they reach high school, we recommend they start on the French Immersion pathway in elementary school.  This will ensure they meet the Ministry of Education’s required 3,800 hours of French instruction by the end of Grade 8 to enter the program in Grade 9. 

Hours of French instruction per grade

Grade Amount of French instruction
Kindergarten 50% French, 50% English *
Grades 1-3 25% French, 75% English
Grades 4-6 50% French, 50% English
Grades 7-8 5 of 8 subjects in French
Grades 9-12 10 courses in French over four years

*Our schools may offer either half day French/half day English, or alternate every other day with full day French/ full day English.

Why reduce hours of French instruction in Grades 1-3?

We purposely provide all of our students, including French Immersion, with a quarter day of French instruction from Grades 1-3 to ensure they develop a strong foundation in the English language. This has proven to be very successful, and many families appreciate this approach. It allows your child to be exposed to French at an early age, while also ensuring they are developing and progressing in English, as well as other important areas of learning, such as numeracy.

By the time your child reaches high school, they will be well prepared to meet the Ontario French Immersion curriculum requirements.

Producing highly proficient bilingual communicators

Upon graduation, students will be awarded a French Immersion Certificate if they have successfully completed four French Immersion credits and at least six credits in other subjects taught in French

Based on research, consultation and several years of experience, we are very confident in our approach to French education. The results speak for themselves as every year we see highly proficient students graduate from our schools with their French Immersion certificate, continuing their studies in French at the post-secondary level, and able to gain valuable work in a competitive job market. Many of our current teachers are actually OCSB alumni, demonstrating the strength and quality of our French programs.

Learn about our approach

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Watch the video, and then read about the French pathway options for your child.

French Immersion Pathway

Extended French Pathway