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Celebrating the OCSB as a Top Employer for 2016

The Ottawa Catholic School Board was named a Top Employer in the National Capital Region for 2016. To celebrate, we called on members of our community to help us recognize inspiring employees that make the OCSB a great place to work and learn. Over 2,000 nominations were submitted. Here are this year's randomly selected Prize Pack winners! 

Prize Pack 1:

Carling Sinclair - St. Patrick’s H.S.
Dana Power - St. Mark H.S.
Sheryl Stonehouse - Sacred Heart H.S.
Karen Kyle - Lester B. Pearson H.S.
Helene Roy - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Angela Flemming - All Saints H.S.
Jay Boyle - St. Daniel School
Julie Godard - Holy Family School
Kate Featherston - Admissions
Lanie McFarlane - Thomas D’Arcy Mcgee School

Prize Pack 2: Prize Pack 3:

Eric Knight - Our Lady of Victory

Shannon Sullivan - Our Lady of Fatima
Kimberley Hopkins - St. Theresa Maria Knowles - Prince of Peace
Jim Hallarn - Mother Teresa High Shaista Anjum - George Vanier
Mena Kelly - Student Success Leading & Learning            Leslie Kaduck - St. Gemma
Alva Donaldson - St. Rose of Lima Tony Kiley - Guardian of Angels
Judy Burelle - St. Marguerite d’Youville Jackie Curran - Our Lady of Peace
Tonya Fish - St. Dominic Evan Faux - St. Elizabeth
Tara Lynn White - St. Joseph High Kelly Burguete - St. Philip
Nick Wiacek - Immaculata High Tony Arthur - Planning & Facilities
Tracey Pouliot - St. Stephen Cathy McNeil - St. Mary
Sakorn Dee - Uplands Linda Meulenbroek - St. Peter High
Tia Caroleo - St. Pius X High Monica Goodhue - St. Thomas More
Lesya Stocki - St. Anne George Dourian - St. Bernard
David Francey - St. Francis Xavier High Ramon Nash - St. Paul High
Barb Rodrigues - Notre Dame High Patricia Pilon - St. Michael, Fitzroy
Aaron Daciw - St. Monica  
Lisa Gregory - St. Rita  
Nancy McLaren - St. Catherine  
Tiffany Lawless - St. Cecilia  
Shannon Stewart-Smith - St. James  

Inspirational nominations – What are employees saying?

Laura Chadwick (Immaculata High School teacher)
"Laura is always positive. She is constantly looking for solutions in even the most challenging situations. She never gives up on students and works hard to encourage other staff to not give up but to stay hopeful, see the good, and keep at it! Laura is an inspirational teacher."  Nominated by Michelle Gauthier (employee)

Roberta Sutherland (Mother Teresa High School teacher)
"Roberta has unbelievable patience when working with our high needs students. I am in awe of her composure every single day!"  Nominated by Caitlin Villeneuve (employee)

Carol Sweeney (Immaculata High School teacher)
"Carol is a dedicated teacher who goes the extra mile to meet the needs of her students. I've seen Carol support students by purchasing them a much needed thermal shirt to go with their uniform when things were tight for them at home. Carol embraces her new assignment as a Native Studies teacher and volunteers her time with Wabano to enhance her understanding of FNMI communities. She seeks out new and exciting technologies to engage some of her less than dedicated students. She is an outstanding educator and Immaculata is blessed to have her."  Nominated by Michelle Gauthier (employee)

Natalie Davidson (St. Andrew School teacher)
"Natalie inspires me because of her kind heart. When I started working at St. Andrew, everyone that I met would comment on what a great person she is. She always offered to help. Her door was always open. No questions asked. She has always been supportive personally and professionally. She truly deserves this nomination. Her students are very lucky to have her."  Nominated by Michaela Ahearn (employee)

Tracey Jemmeson (St. Leonard School administrator)
"Tracey is a wonderful administrator who inspires, challenges, motivates and empowers others to assume leadership within the school. The staff value her leadership and appreciate that they can present ideas to her that will be supported. We are blessed to have Tracey at St Leo."  Nominated by Cathy Faux (employee)

Kevin Clarke (St. Peter High School teacher)
"Kevin is a teacher who develops deep, professional relationships with students. He nurtures every student and treats them with the compassion and dignity. I have learned what it means to be a Catholic teacher from him."  Nominated by Les MacFarlane (employee)

Carol Hennessy (St. Bernard School administrator)
"As the first point of contact for families when they enter our school Ms. Carol Hennessy provides a safe, welcoming environment. She is sensitive to the needs of students, parents as well as staff. She understands how to deal with difficult situations, confidentiality and is ALWAYS positive. She is flexible, competent and demonstrates a strong commitment to education. She inspires our staff and we are thrilled to have her here with us!"  Nominated by Tania Gonsalves (employee)

Scott Croteau (Frank Ryan Catholic Intermediate School teacher)
"Despite a challenging assignment, Scott demonstrates incredible patience and support while differentiating instruction for all styles of learning. Scott's work in engaging students through a cluster of financial literacy lessons was inspirational. Scott is a coach, mentor and a caring adult to many Frank Ryan students."  Nominated by Philip Capobianco (employee)

Chris Murphy (Board Office)
"Chris always asked that we think and write in a positive nature, which he exemplifies every day. I admire the fact that he walks the walk and talks the talk. His virtue is displayed in his work ethic and support for his staff and colleagues. I like the fact that he cares deeply for his family."  Nominated by Gerry Sancartier (employee)

Karen Wilson (St. Martin de Porres principal)
"Karen is the consummate professional. I have never met another principal with such a deep commitment to student achievement. Karen wants every student to be successful and empowers her staff to reach every student. Karen possesses humility and dedication that is rare."  Nominated by Les MacFarlane (employee)

Philip Walsh (Holy Spirit School teacher)
"Philip is a great leader who develops a positive relationship with his students. He has a great sense of humour and, as a teacher, students always come first. He is a trustworthy person and very supportive, helping out whenever and wherever he can."  Nominated by Michelle Babb (employee)

Tanya Vick (St. Michael, Fitzroy School teacher)
"Tanya is constantly innovating and thinking of new ways to engage learners. Her diverse class is always learning to the best of their abilities because Tanya manages to find lessons that appeal to every learner. She comes up with the best lessons for authentic learning. I should know - I steal her ideas all the time!"  Nominated by Erin McStravick (employee)

William Barrett (St. Piux X High School principal)
"Mr. Barrett is a great leader who communicates clearly, concisely, and often, and by doing so motivates everyone to give his or her best all the time. He challenges his staff by setting high but attainable standards and expectations, and then giving them the support, tools, training, and latitude to pursue those goals and become the best employees they can possibly be."  Nominated by Nancy Abi-Khattar (employee)

Darlene Longchamps (Board Office)
"Darlene is always calm! Darlene is able to not only stay calm herself, but calm the people she's helping when they feel like things are falling apart around them."  Nominated by Diane Lochhead (employee)

Linda Byvelds (St. Paul High School caretaker)
"Linda's commitment to our students, our teachers and the admin of my school is extraordinary. Linda knows the kids by name and always greets them with a kind word when their paths cross here at St. Paul. Her leadership with those in her charge can only be described as exemplary! Linda demonstrates leadership by doing the very same tasks that she asks of her custodians. All are equal and the expectations are the same for all. Attention to detail in the care and maintenance of our school building and grounds is among the very best that I have ever witnessed. Linda possesses a rare combination of servant-leadership and commitment to task that is befitting recognition! I’m very pleased put Linda Byveld’s name forward as she is most deserving of recognition for the contributions that make the OCSB in helping to make it a Top Employer in the National Capital Region for 2016."  Nominated by John Stewart (employee)

Meghan Scott (St. Pius X High School teacher)
"Although it is her first year teaching, Meghan is remarkable. Her work ethics, willingness to learn and eagerness to excel are truly inspiring."  Nominated by Nancy Abi-Khattar (employee)

Oriana Lateroute (Notre Dame High School student services)
"Oriana is a great leader. She has brought our team together which allows us to help our at risk students more and more everyday."  Nominated by Louise Ogilvie (employee)

OCSB celebrates

prizepack Anyone in our community (staff, students, parents, relatives, neighbours, community partners etc.) could nominate an OCSB employee. The criterion for nomination was simple – they just needed to inspire you.

The names of nominated employees went into a draw for OCSB prize packs (see photo, right). The first 500 nominated employees received a small prize pack in the mail, and all of the nominated employees were entered into a draw to win a larger prize pack!

What are parents saying?

Mary Beth McGowan (Divine Infant Catholic School educational assistant)
"Ms. M" as she is known to our little man has gone beyond being just an EA. She has worked incredibly hard with our son as well as many others in the school. Our son has various needs both medically and developmentally and she always has different strategies up her sleeve to help him learn. Her positivity and motivation is contagious and the children at our school absolutely adore her. The work she does with these kids is amazing!"  Nominated by Megan Albertini (parent)

Jennifer Elliott (St. Joseph High School teacher)
"Ms. Elliott demonstrates what a huge difference a teacher can make in the life of a student. Her encouraging words had such an impact on our daughter that she is likely going to pursue a different direction for her post secondary education. Never underestimate the impact a teacher has on a student! Thank you Ms. Elliott for your hard work and dedication to your profession!"  Nominaetd by Jean Montminy (parent)

Genevieve Mercure (Holy Family School teacher)
"Mme. Mercure is so full of positive energy. You could be having the worst day and her very presence makes you feel better and brings a smile to your face. My children LOVE her and she makes learning French fun for the kids. My children have learned so much from her and I feel like she truly cares for each of them."  Nominated by Trisha Turner (parent)

Robert Hopewell (Holy Trinity Catholic High School teacher)
"I have heard nothing but good things about Mr. Hopewell from present and past students. When my daughter and her friend had Mr. Hopewell this year for religion, he demonstrated that all I had heard was true. He continuously makes the students feel he truly cares about them and who they are. He speaks to them as people, asks about their lives outside of school, what makes them happy and what makes them different. Both my daughter and her friend thoroughly enjoyed their time in his class and are sad to think they won't have him as a teacher in later years."  Nominated by Heather Kirk (parent)

Erin Forman (St. Dominic School teacher)
"Mrs. Forman is an amazing teacher! She is so patient with her young students, and incredibly encouraging. One of things I appreciate most about Mrs. Forman is that despite the fact that she is an experienced teacher with many years in the classroom, she never hesitates to try something new. She's so open to change and doesn't hesitate to embrace new technology, or to learn new and innovative ways to bring the curriculum to life for her students. She's a true example of life-long learner and what better inspiration for her students and their families!"  Nominated by Carly Haydt (parent)

What are students saying?

Peter Lamothe (St. Matthew High School teacher)
"Mr. Lamothe has inspired me and his other students because he is so strong and has had the best life. He is retiring after this school year and it sucks that such an amazing human being is leaving our school. He makes our school complete and our class like a family."  Nominated by Abby Hamre (student)

Cory Ell (St. Matthew High School teacher)
"I had Mr. Ell for two classes first semester. They were amazing. His classroom is a fun and engaging place where you always learn new ideas and are forced to question imperviously known concepts. The atmosphere is positive and you can tell that he truly cares for each student. He always goes the extra mile and makes learning exciting by involving the class in different activities and hands on experiences. I never wanted to miss a class and can't wait to have him again next year."  Nominaetd by Patrick MacCarthy (student)

Lyne Kohut (St. Emily School teacher)
"Mme Kohut inspires me by showing me how to make my work better. She also shows me different tools on google that we might need. When I do my work on a doc she makes it with all the information needed and even gives me resources to look at to complete my work so I can get a 4+."  Nominated by Sascha Horak (student)